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What is Mini and Self Storage?

Nearly one in 10 American households uses self storage to store excess goods. In the past self storage meant renting a unit at a local storage facility. But, recently, other options have been made available such as ship-to store and transportable storage in Also, not all self storage facilities will be identical.

In the past, almost all self-storage facilities consisted of identical steel structures with rollup garage doorsways. These were placed neatly between residential or commercial areas within each metropolis. Self storage today offers many options and amenities. These include models with inside access and local climate management, models with inside only, models with outside access only, and self storage amenities with different stories, stability, and entry options.

But, most often self storage refers to renting a traditional self-storage unit at your local self-storage facility. Self Storage can be used to store items for a few minutes during a changeover, for example.



Navy deployment

College/semester breaks

Excessive costs for small business (stock, equipment and materials, etcetera.

The self storage rental process is quite straightforward. Storage unit rental agreements usually last for a month. The entire process from the time you select a facility to when you are able start moving your belongings in your new storage unit usually takes less than an hour. You must get all your items to the storage facility and then unload them into the unit. Many companies offer the use of a rental truck for loading your belongings. Renting a truck to move in is sometimes free or discounted as part of an advertisement.

Many storage services have an additional charge for administration and move-in costs. You will be the only one who can use your storage unit after you sign your lease. Some storage facilities require you to have some form of insurance on your goods. You can get insurance for almost any service.

Most of the time, you will need to supply your own lock. However many facilities offer locks as an option for move-in specials or common exercises. The most secure lock type is the disk lock. Many self storage units also offer additional security options such as:

Homes with fencing

Digital Gate

Security Surveillance Cams

Bright Lights

On-site supervisors

Normal storage facilities will operate during business hours and have access for several hours. They generally observe business hours seven days a week, with a restricted time on weekends. Gate hours are when you can enter the house to retrieve your unit. They are normally extended beyond normal business hours, and can be found anywhere from 6am to 10pm seven day a week.