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Combi Oven – how do you use it?

A Combi-Oven, which combines three different cooking functions, is the best piece of cooking equipment any kitchen could have. Also known as a combi steamer, these ovens can be used dry heat ether still and fan driven. Steam can also be injected when food requires it.

Microwave combi ovens are versatile pieces of catering equipment. You can roast tender and delicious meats in a steam-filled oven.

Vegetables steaming in a Combi-Oven saves more of their natural colour and goodness. A combination oven is a great way to preserve the flavour and texture of delicate fish.

These ovens are fan driven and convection and are great for baking. They provide even heat throughout the oven cavity, which ensures that all baked goods cook evenly.

Pre-cooked foods can be quickly brought up to temperature. This eliminates the need for food to remain hot for extended periods. It also simplifies storage of and transport of cooked food.

It doesn’t end there. The Combi-Oven can also be used to steam, bake, roast, dry fry chips, or other similar foods that use the fat contained in the food.

You may be concerned about the different flavours in the oven. But many kitchens can cook anything from chicken and fish to dessert. Many ovens also have a self-cleaning function which can be used to remove any leftover flavours.

Combi-Ovens are available in many sizes to suit different kitchen sizes. There are models for independent caterers, large ovens for larger kitchens, and the enormous ovens for high volume kitchens. It is possible to determine the oven size you need by determining the type and volume of food you plan on cooking. A reliable supplier can help you calculate this and recommend the best options.